About Us

Saoirse Addiction Treatment Centre is an Addiction Centre located18B Davis Street, Limerick City. Saoirse offers addiction counselling and structured programmes to individuals and families. There is no fee for Saoirse services.

Saoirse Addiction Treatment Centre was founded in 2012 and focuses on delivering non-residential day treatment programs to those experiencing substance misuse issues, namely drugs, alcohol and gambling.

Note - Saoirse Treatment Centre engages with those 18 years of age or over only. 

Our Philosophy

The Saoirse Addiction Treatment Center philosophy is based on harm reduction and abstinence and the ultimate goal for any client is to become substance free and maintain an abstinence lifestyle with the help and support of Saoirse and other identified resources.

Saoirse Addiction Treatment Center currently offers the following services and supports as part of the overall service provision:-

Services Offered:

  • Screening and Assessment
  • Addiction Counselling
  • Harm Reduction Programme
  • Recovery Programme
  • Aftercare Programme
  • Family/Concerned person programme


Clinical Leadership Team

Saoirse is fortunate to have a clinical leadership team comprised of seasoned professionals and counsellors dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and improving evidential based outcomes.