Non-Residential Day Programme 

This programme is delivered in two distinct phases the Initial Programme  and the Recovery Programme. The Saoirse Initial programme is based on a harm reduction philosophy.The Saoirse Recovery Programme is based on the abstinence model.

The integration of harm reduction and abstinence-based substance abuse treatment is more powerful than either model separately.The ultimate abstinence goal provides more room for the more abstract harm reduction work to occur. The accepting atmosphere of harm reduction with the addition of the clarity of the goals of abstinence promotes client retention better than either philosophy separately. The implications of this integration are that harm reduction can be more accepted and powerful in the overall treatment model and in the overall successes for clients in achieving abstinence.


Saoirse Initial Treatment Programme

The Saoirse Initial Programme is a programme based on the principles of Harm Reduction that is described as a concept aiming to prevent or reduce negative health consequences associated with certain behaviors (WHO 2003).

‚ÄčThe Initial programme takes place in Saoirse every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and is for a minimum of 6 weeks.

The programme is based on Harm Reduction.

The programme includes presentations on relevant topics and group discussion. The programme is delivered by qualified counsellors in an integrative way.


Saoirse Recovery Programme

The Saoirse Recovery Programme is an abstinence based programme and clients access this programme either from the Saoirse Initial or Interim programme or directly from other services/counselling if referred appropriately. Admission to the programme would be either through the initial treatment programme or appropriate referrals from other services.  

‚ÄčThe recovery programme takes place in Saoirse every Monday Wednesday and Friday morning and is for 6 weeks.

The programme is based on total abstinence from all mood altering substances.

The programme includes meditation, group lectures and group therapy and is delivered by qualified counsellors in an integrative way.